Latex Ladies Slip


100% latex black ladies slip. Ideal for erotic games and surprise your partner by wearing under the clothes. It adapts perfectly to the body and has no seams and very comfortable and flexible.

To ensure that the latex remains cared for over a long period of time, eliminate contact with long fingernails, jewelry, metal and oils. When dressing, do not over stretch or pull it as it is a sensitive material and may cause damage to the gloves.

Washing: Hand wash with warm water. For best results, use mild pH neutral soap or latex-specific detergents.

Latex cleaning agents:

Silicone oil. It will make your clothes soft and shiny.

Powders of talcum powder. Protects latex material during storage and prevents sticking of clothing.

Storage: The latex should be stored in a dry, dark and cool place. It can be placed in a closet or in plastic bags. Put a drop of cleaning agent in latex and rub with a soft cloth only in case of blemishes.

Size: S

Warning: May cause allergies.

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