Orgie Secret Seduction Elixir 10 in 1


Orgie – Secret Seduction Elixir 10 in 1

The Secret Seduction is a hydrating elixir with 10-in-1 pheromones for body and hair. Created by Orgie for women who like to seduce. It synthesizes the ease of use and the capacity for seduction, gathering everything a woman needs. In a unique and surprising product.

Its formulation includes active pheromones enriched with argan oil, panthenol and coconut oil that intensify the beauty of the skin and hair. It has a satin touch that when applied to the body, produces an irresistible attraction of a soft and perfumed skin.

In addition to all its sex appeal, The Secret contains 10 reasons why a special product makes it:

1. Aphrodisiac perfume

2. Active pheromones

3. Touch silky and moisturizing

4. Anti-moisture properties

5. Protects against UV rays

6. Hair ends repair

7. Counteracts dry and tangled hair

8. Protects hair color

9. Smooths

10. Give volume to hair

How to use: Apply to the skin and massage lightly for better absorption. Repeat the application if you wish. In the hair, apply a small amount on the wet or dry ends. Without rinsing.

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