Womanizer W500 Pro

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The most Innovative and Revolutionary Intimate Product for the Modern Age do date!

Introducing the Womanizer W500 Pro is the latest addition to the world of sex toys and erotic products.

This high power pleasure toy incorporates a pure technological revolution that allows you to stimulate the clitoris without contact. It is specially designed for women who desire to experience the ultimate, super-orgasm and will make your body shudder and buzz with pleasure.

Womanizer W500 Pro will give you orgasms as often as you want. Many women experienced a new orgasm and found they could orgasm over and over and on demand, pushing up their desire and Libido to new heights. Its new technology and the way it stimulates is nothing like a vibrator, its more gentle, and yet the strongest device of stimulation of clitoris in the world.

The new Womanizer W500 has buttons to regulate the intensity with a total of 8 intensities of easy and adjustable control, from soft caresses to intense impulses of pleasure. Turn on your Womanizer W500 and let yourself be taken over in an unimaginable way. Its new sexy design is more attractive as it incorporates elements of Swarovski giving a distinctive touch of elegance and luxury.

On a single charge of the new Womanizer W500, at medium speed offers up to 240 minutes of unmatched pleasure and recharges in about 120 minutes.


Material: ABS, phthalate free
Hypoallergenic interchangeable medical silicone head.
Size: 120 x 60 x 60 mm.
Weight: 140 g.
More rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
You will receive your Womanizer in an elegant box containing:

Womanizer W500 Pro.
A spare head.
Charger and USB cable.
Satin cover for storage.
User manual in Spanish.

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Get ready to enjoy. Gently part the Labia to expose the clitoris

Insert the clitoris into the head with light pressure to create an airtight seal,

Discover new pleasures of intense orgasms, and experience 100% pleasure and satisfaction!


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